Diocesan Data Management System (DDMS)

Plexcan’s Diocesan Data Management System is a fully web-based diocese and parish management system. Its centralized database structure provides greater flexibility and security than local solutions. Available anywhere, anytime, DDMS provides a complete view of all parishioner and parish information in a role-restricted fashion, so users can only access and edit the data permissible to them.

Features of DDMS include:


FileTracker is custom, web enabled business-to-business software that allows multiple users access to complex data and common files in a highly secure and access controlled environment, at the same time tracking and recording all work, approvals, communications, changes and development of the files and the litigation.
The software creates a protected electronic file that can be shared, for example, by an Insurance Company, their legal counsel, and any other service providers that also need controlled access to the files. It is an extremely efficient and transparent way to manage a litigation file. FileTracker also contains time/spend management tools.

Litigation Executive (Legacy Software)


Enforcement Executive (Legacy Software)